In-vitro fertilization

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FIV treatment in Tunisia : Best In Vitro Fertilization cost

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In vitro fertilization as a sensitive intervention

IVF treatment in Tunisia is a technique that is put into practice for couples wishing to have a child 

IVF treatment in Tunisia is an assisted reproduction technique which consists of : performing fertilization, that is, a meeting of sperm and egg in the laboratory (or egg retrieval surgery), outside the woman’s body; re-implanting the embryo in the uterus of the future mother. Note that in vitro fertilization is a fairly sensitive and complex procedure and it takes place over several stages.

Why choose the Melahel Agency for FIV treatment in Tunisia ?

Do you want to benefit from IVF treatment in Tunisia at an attractive price, satisfying all your expectations and needs ? Melahel Agency guarantees you the quality of the services and care offered with the best In Vitro Fertilization cost, artificial insemination cost and the best IVF transfer cost. The entire team of our medical tourism agency is committed with our partners to offer the best desired results.

In vitro fertilization2050 €as required
Artificial insemination1150 €as required
Testicular biopsy1450 €as required

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