all tarifs

all tarifs

lifting cervico-facialefrom 1500 euro5to 6 days
lifting complet (lifting cervico -facial blépharoplastie 4 paupières )from 2100 euro5 to 6 days
rhinoplastie simple1700 euro6 to 7 days
blépharoplastie 4 paupièresfrom 1500 euro4 to 5 days
hair implant with fue 2000 greffons700 euroas needed
prp capillaire350 eurowithout stay
liposuction of the belly1500 euro5 to 6 days
liposuction 3 zones and morefrom 1600 euro5 to 6 days
abdominoplastie with liposuction of the bellyfrom 2200 euro5 to 6 days
buttock lipofilling with multi-area liposuctionfrom 2500 euro5to 6 days
Thigh and arm liftfrom 2100 euro5 to 6 days
breast augmentation by prosthesisfrom 1700 euro5 to 6 days
Breast lipofilling with multi-zone liposuction + breast liftfrom 2700 euro5 to 6 days
sleeve / baypass3200 euro3 to 4 days
intimate surgeriesfrom 1500 euroaccording to operation
otoplastiy1700 euro3 to 4 days
dental implant750 euro3to 4 days
Dental veneers300 euro2 to 3 days
teeth whitening300 euroas needed
Zirconia dental crown300 euroas needed
ceramic dental crown350 euroas needed
Hollywood smile 10 teeth at the top and 10 at the bottomfrom 5000 euroas needed
fécondation in vitro2050 euroas needed
artificial insemination1150 euroas needed
  • Rates include

    surgery , days at the clinic , doctor fees

  • Rates do not include

    hotel, flight , medication , personal transport


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