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Liposuction in Tunisia with the best tarifs

  • With Melahel Agency, your silhouette is our priority !

Intervention to improve the appearance of your body

Melahel Agency, your cosmetic surgery agency in Tunisia and Turkey, offers you Liposuction Tunisia with the best prices. We will give you an idea of all types of aesthetic operations to begin the surgery of your silhouette which treats the breasts (breast reduction and lift : especially by placing prostheses to increase the shape of the breasts), the belly, the arms, the buttocks, the thighs, the knees and calves (by reinjection of fat by filling or aspiration by liposuction). Facelifts make it possible to rejuvenate the face and firm up the thighs, buttocks, arms and hands. Dermabrasion fades scars by grinding.

Aesthetic body surgery Tunisia : why choose Melahel Agency ?

Liposuction Tunisia is performed by highly qualified surgeons who are very experienced in the field of body remodeling. Melahel Agency makes sure to collaborate with medical teams and high-level clinics, relying on state-of-the-art beautification and body contouring techniques to help you regain your desired figure.

Our main goal is to help you improve the appearance of your figure as well as boost your self-confidence by doing a body lift Turkey, liposuction for men.. In order to do this, we offer a variety of weight loss surgery in Turkey and Tunisia : liposuction Tunisia, abdominoplasty, thigh and arm lift, buttock lipofilling, breast lipofilling, etc.

Liposuction of a single area (abdomen...)starting at 1500 €.5 nights and 6days
Liposuction three zones and morestarting at 1600 €5 nights and 6days
Abdominoplasty with liposuction of the bellystarting at 2200 €5 nights and 6 days
Buttock lipofilling with multi-zone liposuctionstarting at 2500 €5 nights and 6days
Thighs and arms liftstarting at 2100 €5 nights and 6 days
Breast augmentation with breast prosthesesstarting at 1700 €5 nights and 6 days
Breast lipofilling with multi-zone liposuction + breast liftstarting at 3000 €5 nights and 6days
Surgery for obesitystarting at 2300 €3 nights and 4 days

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