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Hair Transplant in Tunisia

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Hair transplant Tunisia : Hair implant by FUE or PRP hair ?

Hair, whether for men or for women, is a symbol of beauty, youth, seduction… Hair is, thus, the expression of our personality and its loss often represents a sign of aging and affects the psychology of the person.

Hair transplant Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery that aims to deal with hair loss by relying on modern techniques in order to have ultra natural results without scars. FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a technique that involves the direct removal of follicular units from the donor area, where they usually resist baldness and subsequent transplantation into the recipient area (the area where hair loss has occurred).

The Tunisia hair PRP treatment (plasma rich in platelets) is an effective method in the Tunisia hair implant because it uses the platelets contained in the PRP to act on the cells of the hair follicle by naturally stimulating hair regrowth. From the first treatment session, hair loss decreases significantly.

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The Melahel Agency team will be present at all times to answer your questions by following the progress of your transplant. Entrust your hair transplant to specialists and benefit from a perfectly natural result at an affordable price.

A hair implant session by FUEstarting at 700 €as required
PRP capillaries350 €the injectionwithout

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