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The best Tunisia medical tourism

Melahel Agency is a Tunisian medical tourism agency that takes care of the logistical and medical organization of your intervention in Tunisia, whatever the type : cosmetic surgery (face, breasts, silhouette, etc.) and general surgery (cardio- vascular, neurosurgery, orthopedics, obesity surgery, infertility treatment, etc.).

Our Tunisia medical tourism agency offers you a medical stay in Tunisia to avoid endless waiting times. Melahel Agency offers its patients complete and perfectly organized management of their medical stay in Tunisia : flight, reservation, care, clinics, hotels, etc.

Emphasizing our services on the personalized side, we assure you a tailor-made support for Tunisia surgical tourism and guarantee you services that meet international standards in terms of comfort, care and qualifications. In collaboration with the best cosmetic and general surgeons in Tunisia, and the best aesthetic clinics in Tunisia, our plastic surgery agency, entrusts you to the hands of specialists who provide you with the best care in their respective fields :

Cosmetic surgery and obesity : face, breasts, silhouette, gastric band, gastric bypass...
Cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery : heart valves, aorta, coronal, knee prosthesis, hip…
Neurosurgery and infertility treatment : artificial insemination, IVF, testicular biopsy…

Why should you have a medical stay in Tunisia ?

Secure and comfortable medical stay at low prices

Specialized in Tunisia medical tourism, Melahel Agency is an agency that takes care of your entire medical stay in Tunisia, and in Turkey for both cosmetic and general surgery. A wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures in Tunisia are offered while respecting the strictest standards of medical ethics.

If you are looking for a cheap medical stay in Tunisia that takes place in the best possible conditions, our Tunisia medical tourism agency offers you an all-inclusive medical stay as well as quality services, carried out by well-experienced surgeons who aim to ensure your total satisfaction.


Melahel Agency provides you with a telephone number, a website and an address to contact us by sending a quote request for cosmetic or general surgery. A surgeon sends his opinion and a personalized quote after studying your request. Depending on your case, we advise you on the appropriate intervention by explaining the details of your stay and answering your questions. Finally, we set a date for an appointment.

As soon as you arrive in Tunisia, a team from the agency welcomes you at the airport and accompanies you directly to the clinic. A car and a private driver will be at your disposal so that you can meet your doctor.

As soon as you arrive at the Tunisia cosmetic surgery clinic, we take care of your admission to make the administrative part easier for you. After you are settled into your room, an assistant will be by your side to make sure you don't miss anything. The surgeon and the anesthetist who are in charge of your intervention, take care of explaining your intervention to you, in detail, by answering all your questions.

NB: The surgery in Tunisia will generally take place the day after your arrival.

Generally taking place 2 days after the intervention, when you leave the clinic, an assistant will accompany you to the hotel where you will be in total rest for your convalescence. You will settle in your room where you will spend the days recommended by the doctor and we will take care of the administrative part. You will receive a daily visit from a nurse to provide medical care.

After your aesthetic or surgical stay, we will accompany you to the airport, making sure that you do not miss anything. We stay in touch with you to follow the progress of your recovery and answer all your questions.

Hotels and cosmetic surgery clinics Tunisia

  • The Tunisia medical tourism agency, Melahel Agency, carefully chooses its partners to guarantee the quality of the medical care and services it offers to its patients. When you decide to make a medical stay in Tunisia, our counselors offer you the most appropriate treatment plan. Depending on the chosen medical stay, you will be informed of the options of hotels and cosmetic surgery prices in Tunisia. The hotels are very luxurious and offer high-end services.

Melahel Agency Photo
Melahel Agency Photo Melahel Agency Photo

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