breast augmentation or lipofiling ?

June 23, 2022

breast augmentation or lipofiling ?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women. Today, surgeons use two different surgical techniques to perform breast augmentation: implant placement or breast lipofilling.
1/ with implants or prosthese
Cosmetic breast surgery allows women to have the breast of their dreams. Implants allow patients to have the size and shape of the breast they desire with a guaranteed result for a minimum of ten years. Recent medical advances have made implants safer and considerably reduced the risk of rejection.

2/Breast lipofilling
Breast lipofilling is recommended for women who wish to gain one or two cups in the breast. With breast lipofilling, fat is taken from excess areas such as the buttocks or thighs and then reinjected into the breasts. Lipofilling can also be used by the surgeon in addition to the placement of implants to perfect the result and obtain the shape and volume desired by the patient.


There is no standard periodicity. It all depends on the reasons for the change and the type of prosthesis concerned.

A silicone gel prosthesis has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years,

and a saline prosthesis will only last eight to ten years. These are only averages and it is possible to keep them longer, provided that they are regularly monitored by ultrasound to detect any leakage or rupture.

When a rupture is detected, it should be replaced quickly.